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Troop 721 Milford, CT -  Camping
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General Information These ideas about buying Boy Scout Camping gear were compiled using the resources and experiences of over a dozen parents, Scout leaders, and camping experts. It represents over 100 years of combined camping experience, and exhaustive research into the camping arts in an effort to help you, the parent of a Boy Scout, to resist the "Mommy, I've just got to have one too" syndrome and still provide your son with adequate, safe, and affordable camping gear. It is not the end-all be-all of gear purchasing, but is intended to be a guide that you can use to help avoid emptying the college fund while your son is still in the 6th or 7th grade. Let's face it, just look through any equipment catalog, or visit a local camping equipment supplier, you will no doubt experience sticker shock in a way you never thought possible. The array of things that people buy for camping is bewildering, and even if your family camps together often, making the purchases necessary for a Scout to go out on his own can be difficult. Hopefully, these few paragraphs will help. Our troop is an outdoor troop. We meet year-round, and unless road conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances occur, we go camping monthly. Neither rain, sleet, nor snow will keep us at home, and our Scouts need to be prepared for anything. (For more information specifically on winter camping, go to the article on Winter Warmth after you read this.) Most of a Scout's preparedness for both expected and unexpected happenings is in his head, but he needs the proper equipment to ensure his safety and comfort. If you have questions about equipment after reading this pamphlet, ask any of the troop's Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, or Committee Members. We'll be glad to answer any questions, or make specific recommendations on needs, brands, or suppliers if you wish. A Few General Notes     It is not necessary to start out with a complete set of gear. Scouts can share, borrow (check with older Scouts who have upgraded their gear to find good used equipment), or make their own as they learn what they need and like.     There is always a tradeoff between cost and quality. Top of the line expedition equipment is not needed to "keep up with the other boys" in the troop. Famous brand names often cost much more than the equivalent gear purchased from a dealer who has his equipment made for him. Just because it says "North FaceTM" and costs $250, does not mean that the gear is any better than "SlumberjackTM" priced at $125 (and I'm not picking on NF specifically, they make superb quality equipment). However, poorly made gear will not stand up to rugged use, and it can be uncomfortable, unusable, or even dangerous. Good equipment does not have to cost an arm and a leg, and hopefully, this list will help avoid a major financial crisis in your household.     Beware of "stylish" or "trendy" gear. Some things that are popular around school are very specialized, such as short ski jackets, etc. Camping gear needs to be versatile, and a pair of boots designed for mucking about in a ski chalet after a tough day on the slopes will be useless mucking about on a mountaintop in a hail storm.    
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